Total War: Rome II' first gameplay walkthrough revealed!

Total War: Rome II' first gameplay walkthrough revealed! by  8232 views
Today the first Total War: Rome II gameplay details were announced. One of the Creative Assembly developers, James Russell, gave an exclusive video interview, in which he shows not only the finished gameplay elements, but also many new features that weren’t included in the first game’s trailer.


According to Russell, the game was completely transformed, not only graphically but also in terms of physics and gameplay. The video shows the Skipian’s Carthage capture mission. Young Consul orders to burn the city and not to spare anyone.

And now there is the possibility to use a fleet in the battle not only like soldiers’ transport, but also as a powerful weapon. Although the game has become much more difficult to manage the developers doing their best that even the novice will be able to learn the ropes and understand what is happening. The game will have a new unit view mode, with which it is possible to see the battle through the eyes of a common soldier.


Similarly significant role in the development of realism was assigned buildings, uniforms, and that the time’s atmosphere in general. During the battle, the player has to feel the brutality of what is happening around, death, chaos, destruction, and, of course, the taste of victory, if he will be able to win, of course.