Total War: Rome 2 game has got a new trailer

Total War: Rome 2 game has got a new trailer by  4919 views

If you like turn-based strategies and have already played Total War: Rome game, then you will like our today's news.

First of all, today is a big and important day for all fans of Total War game series because today - on September 3, 2013 - Total War: Rome 2 game comes out for PC and you will have a great opportunity to buy and try it.

Secondly, in order to celebrate this momentous event, the developer, The Creative Assembly, published yesterday a small Total War: Rome 2 trailer, entitled "How far will you go for Rome?", which is nothing more than the official video for the project’s launch. This video does not show us the gameplay or any other gaming moments, but being a high-quality cinematic video, it gives you (and us, of course) the opportunity to feel and experience the real atmosphere of ancient Rome, that is not comparable to anything in the history of mankind. So we just offer you to watch the new Total War: Rome 2 trailer, and leave all you impressions and comments about this video or the project itself at the bottom of the page.