Three short DriveClub trailers are presented

Three short DriveClub trailers are presented by  3020 views

DriveClub game - the recently delayed project, developed exclusively for PS4, - has got three very short game’s trailers.

These videos not only demonstrate the races on different circuits of the world - in India, Scotland and Norway, but they also show us what interesting feature will be available in the game on PlayStation 4. Thus, the developer of the project, which has published these short DriveClub trailers, has reported that the owners of the game for the next-gen console from Sony will be able, using the console’s "Share" functionality, to demonstrate their own game’s videos directly to social networks - in Facebook, for example.

Besides it, the representatives of Evolution Studios have announced a number of improvements to DriveClub game, some of which are already done and some are only planned. So, in DriveClub you will get the better lighting in the car, the optimized cars’ reflections in the mirrors, the upgrade of the atmospheric optical effects, numerous AI improvements, the better sound of the engine and other objects around you. So, considering all these optimizations and improvements, it could be even better that DriveClub game won’t be released this year (as it was planned earlier), because next year we will get much better game.

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