Three fresh Battlefield 4 videos are published

Three fresh Battlefield 4 videos are published by  3035 views

The fans of Battlefield 4 game can rejoice, because today we have prepared the next portion of the news of the eleventh instalment in Battlefield game series.

Thus, the developers of this project - DICE company - have recently published two fresh Battlefield 4 videos on the game’s official video channel, and the third trailer has been demonstrated by European news portal "thesixthaxis". The first video is called "Prima Vehicles Overview" and shows which types of vehicles are available for you on the land (the quad bikes, the tanks), on the water (the boats) and in the air (the jets and the helicopters), and what you can do using them in the game.

The second Battlefield 4 trailer is called "Prima Game Modes Overview" and, as you have already guessed by its name, gives a very brief description of the multiplayer game modes such as Conquest, Rush, Defuse, Domination, Squad Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. If you have suddenly forgotten how these Battlefield 4 modes look like, we advise you to read one of our articles, which describes each of them.

And finally, the last Battlefield 4 trailer, which we would like to show you today is called "A Quick Look At Battlefield 4 's Commander Mode". This little video tells a little about the Commander mode in this shooter, which you can try have reached level 10 in the multiplayer. The mode will allow you to report important intelligence information, to supply the troops with ammunition and use the most powerful military means in a team game.

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