Those who want to download GTA 5, need to be careful

Those who want to download GTA 5, need to be careful by  18325 views

It's not the secret that Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most anticipated and popular game of this year, and many people would like to have it, especially if they can get it for free.

But those, who want to download GTA 5 for free will get couples of unpleasant surprises. So, Bitdefender, the anti-virus company, warns that too impatient players who want to get the game as soon as possible (and, of course, free of charge) will be punished. How? First of all, the fake licence copy of the game (made by a group of hackers) will be offered on the numerous torrents, but as soon as you want to download such version of the game, you will be immediately blocked by the developers. Secondly, if you’ll manage to do this, you'll have another problem: when you start installing the game you will be asked to fill out a form and send SMS, to confirm the installation. The cost of one message is 1€ per day, and you’ll have to send one SMS each day until you uninstall the game. So be careful to not to be the victim of these hackers.

But that's not all the tricks. Thus, the pirated copies of GTA 5 will contain a virus (Trojan.GenericKDV.1134859) for PC, and within such a copy may be an another game.

So, dear friends, we strongly recommend you to wait GTA 5 release and purchase a licensed copy of the game, because your desire to download GTA 5 for free via torrent or other sources can turn against you.