The Titanfall launch trailer has been presented

The Titanfall launch trailer has been presented by  2962 views

As you remember, dear readers, recently we have shown you several new screenshots and the schemes of the game’s locations, and today we want to present you the Titanfall launch trailer, which has been published by Electronics Arts company.

During two minutes the Titanfall launch trailer reveals the confrontation between the characters of two main game’s factions - The IMC and The Military, - the combat against the Titans and the advantages of the fast-paced wall-running function, which each character has. Besides, the users may see a short teaser of the shooter’s main campaign. It’s worth saying that the Titanfall launch trailer looks very impressive as, hopefully, does the game itself. So, we won’t torment you and suggest watching the video right now:

Moreover the presented trailer, the information about the Titanfall DLCs, which the shooter will get in the future, has appeared.

According to Vince Zampella - one of the Respawn Entertainment company’s founder, - the players will have an opportunity to buy a season pass for all upcoming paid add-ons. However the studio also plans to release some free Titanfall DLCs, for example private matches and other similar content. Besides, the game won’t have the micro-transactions.

So, are you glad that some of the Titanfall DLCs will be free? Did you like the shooter’s launch trailer? Tell us in the comments below.

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