The special themed GTA Online update was released

The special themed GTA Online update was released by  4541 views

Rockstar company continues to please us with updates! Thus, last Friday the popular Grand Theft Auto V game got ten new interesting jobs, created by the players, and today the special themed GTA Online update, dedicated to the Independence Day in the USA, was launched.


So, what new features did the latest GTA Online update bring to the game?

First of all, now the players are able to choose two additional vehicles: the Sovereign motorbike and the huge truck Liberator, and also the special types of weapons - the musquet from the antique collection and the firework rocket launcher with four various types of charges.


Secondly, seven new properties, which are situated in Paleto Bay town and on the Vinewood Hills, are available to the gamers.

Moreover, this themed GTA Online update includes the new patriotic clothes for men and women. The outfits were created specially for the great American holiday. The patch also has the hair styles, body art elements in a form of stripes and stars from the American flag, twelve new animal masks and the fuel for the parachutes and tyres in the red, blue and white colours.


And if you like the fun-fairs, then there’s also something interesting for you in the latest update. The players will enjoy the splendid view of Del Perro Pier that opens from the big observation wheel. And the developers added the popular ride - the roller coaster - for the fans of extreme.

The special GTA Online update will be available only till the middle of July. Soon, Rockstar studio is going to specify, when exactly the patch’s expiration date is.