The rumors about possible single player GTA 5 DLC

The rumors about possible single player GTA 5 DLC by  5845 views

While Rockstar is working on the multiplayer GTA Online and making new updates for it, the gamers are hoping that someday the developers will release single player GTA 5 DLC. And it seems that we know, about which this add-on will be and what new functions will add to the game.

Some time ago the game's fan found an interesting building in uptown Los Santos. According to the signboard, it is a casino that is close now, but soon will open its doors for the game's characters. This building hints at the fact that sooner or later casinos will appear in GTA 5, and most likely this type of entertainment may be added by the single player DLC.


The casino is not only a way to spend your money in the excitement. Maybe, you will be able to rob the casino that sounds really interesting and cool. What do you think?

Rockstar hasn't confirmed anything officially and has never commented on this screenshot, but today we have got another information that again hints at casinos in GTA 5 DLC. In the video you can listen to the recording from one of the game's radio stations. The guy from the recording recommends you to visit new casino, and this second hint can't be just a coincidence.

And would you like to steal a couple of million from the casino? Write your opinion in the comments below.