The next Dark Souls 2 DLC will be launched later

The next Dark Souls 2 DLC will be launched later by  2141 views

Last Thursday, several fresh screenshots of another Dark Souls 2 DLC titled Crown of the Ivory King appeared. This add-on is the last one in the Lost Crowns series. Originally, its release on PC and Xbox 360 was set for September 23rd, and a day later - on PS3. However, today, Bandai Namco has reported that the launch of the third Dark Souls 2 DLC is postponed for a later date. The developers haven’t explain the reasons of such a decision. But apparently, as it always happens, they just need more time to polish the details of the upcoming expansion.

So, when will the fans of this action-RPG be able to appraise the fresh add-on? According to the official information, the new release date of the final Dark Souls 2 DLC is planned for September 30th on PC and Xbox 360. The expansion will become available for the PS3 owners on October 1st.

In the Crown of the Ivory King DLC, the missions will be, probably, the hardest ones. The players will find themselves on the areas where the winter, the blistering winds and the heavy snowstorms reign. They will have to fight against both the familiar monsters and the new ones, which will be covered with ice.


Besides that, when the gamers successfully complete all the necessary tasks in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC and obtain the main trophy, they will receive a pleasant surprise during the visit to the King Vendrick. Of course, the developers haven’t unveiled what exactly the players will get.

Are you waiting for the game’s third add-on? And if you aren’t familiar with the previous one - Crown of the Old Iron King, - you can learn more information about it in our article.