The new The Sims 4 update will be released next week

The new The Sims 4 update will be released next week by  3975 views

Yesterday, the developers of the popular The Sims simulator series pleased the fans of the latest launched instalment in the franchise with the announcement of the new patch. The upcoming The Sims 4 update will be absolutely free for all who have a copy of this game. Its release is planned for the next week or, to be exact, for June 11th. So, what will it include?

The future The Sims 4 update will add to the project more free space in order the players can construct the new houses and various buildings for business.

The forthcoming The Sims 4 update will bring to the game a place titled World of Newcrest with three new neighbourhoods and fifteen additional empty areas. There’s also some information about the size of these territories on the simulator’s official site. Traditionally, the gamers will be able to choose whether to build houses, swimming pools, shops and more other constructions by their own design or to download the finished ones, which are listed in the project’s Gallery.

Let us remind you that The Sims 4 game was released at the beginning of last September. During this period, it got several free updates as well as two major paid expansions tilted Outdoor Retreat and Get to Work.