The new Payday 2 DLC will include the first stealth job

The new Payday 2 DLC will include the first stealth job by  3948 views

Tomorrow - on May 29th - Overkill Software company will launch another free Payday 2 DLC for PC, titled The Shadow Raid. But this time the update will include the first stealth job in the history of the franchise.

So, in the new payday 2 DLC the players will have to break into the abandoned warehouse of the Murkywater PMC corporation and get out of there with all the stolen loot, which is hidden in the shipping containers. And, of course, this job must be done stealthily. If the security notices the robbers, the players will have only 60 seconds to leave this place, grabbing everything they can.

But the main bonus of the next payday 2 DLC is in the vault, the door of which is locked by a keycard. If the players manage to enter it without the alarm, they will get the extra reward.

Besides that, the next Payday 2 DLC will also include six new achievements and the additional content: the new Samurai mask, the poster and the desktop wallpaper.


And if you still don’t have Payday 2 game in your collection, then you’ve got a great chance not only to purchase it for the very good price, but also to try it absolutely for free. From May 29th till June 2nd all users may play this shooter and buy it with a 67% discount.