The new GRID Autosport screenshots have appeared

The new GRID Autosport screenshots have appeared by  4462 views

At the official project’s blog, the Codemasters team has published a couple of new GRID Autosport screenshots, which represent one of the locations in the future racing simulator.


Does the place look familiar? The fresh GRID Autosport screenshots show us the panoramic views of San-Francisco. From this particular location the Race Driver: GRID game starts. “It’s hard to find many people who don’t remember that first race in Race Driver: GRID and it’s partly the reason why we’ve decided to bring back the iconic city of San Francisco into GRID Autosport”, - the developers have said.


This GRID Autosport location begins from The Embarcadero - the eastern waterfront. Then the racers will have to pass the financial district, including Market Street and California Street, which will lead the competitors to the Chinese quarter, Pacific Avenue and another sight, titled Transamerica Pyramid.

Thanks to the hills and rapid descents the new GRID Autosport location will make the gamers feel the really thrilling emotions and to get the new racing experience. The players will have to think out all their actions, because the streets of the big city have the limited space for the overtakings and manoeuvres.

“Of all the iconic cities we’ve featured in the GRID series, San Francisco has to be one of the most diverse and memorable of them all”, - the Codemasters’ community manager - Ben Walke has stated.

Did you like this GRID Autosport location? Which other cities would you like to see in the upcoming project?