The new Far Cry 4 DLC has been released

The new Far Cry 4 DLC has been released by  2630 views

Only two weeks ago, Ubisoft company launched the first Far Cry 4 DLC - Escape from Durgesh Prison, - more information about which you can read here. And already yesterday, the project’s developers rejoiced the series’ fans with the fresh add-on, about which we are going to tell you right now.

So, what is the new Far Cry 4 DLC? The fresh add-on is titled Hurk Deluxe Pack and is included to the game’s Season Pass, but it also can be purchased separately for $7.49/€7.49 depending on a region. It includes:

1) 5 missions:

- 3 tasks in a single-player campaign titled Hurk's Redemption. Here, you will have to save Hurk from imprisonment;

- the mission, which is called Blood Ruby, will require you to prevent Pagan Min from grabbing an incredibly rare gemstone;

- Yak Farm challenge. Here, your main goal is to save this rancho from a raid by the forces of Kyrat’s king.

2) 5 types of weapon - the elephant double-barrel rifle, the harpoon gun "The Impaler", the sandman 1911 pistol, the driller PKM gun and the Arena machete.

And in order you be able to imagine, how this Far Cry 4 DLC looks like, the project’s creators have published the add-on’s new video and a couple of fresh screenshots. Enjoy!