The latest Titanfall trailer shows the gameplay of the first DLC

The latest Titanfall trailer shows the gameplay of the first DLC by  2093 views

After the detailed information about the new maps of the first shooter’s DLC - War Games and Runoff - the developers have decided to please their fans and have published the fresh Titanfall trailer, in which, besides the mentioned above locations, you can also see the area, titled Swampland.

The latest Titanfall trailer shows the gameplay episodes on Xbox One. The first map, which is presented in the video, is titled Swampland. Thanks to the high trees and the great amount of the abandoned IMC buildings, this location is the perfect place for Pilots to combat, where they can easily use the wall-running skills, and the great cover for Titans.

Together with the release of the first DLC on PC and Xbox One, Respawn Entertainment company will also launch another Titanfall update for all platforms. First of all this news must be pleasant for the Xbox 360 owners, because the new Expedition add-on will be available for them only in June, while it will hit PC and Xbox One this month.

According to the post at the official project’s blog, this Titanfall update will include various bug fixes, the balance changes, some additional panels and options in the main shooter’s menu, and also the beta-version of the private match settings and the ability to open the new loadouts in each mode.

Did you like the latest Titanfall trailer? What are your thoughts about the upcoming update?