The Last of Us multiplayer has got a new mode + stunning arts

The Last of Us multiplayer has got a new mode + stunning arts by  4450 views

Do you like The Last of Us game and look forward to its new patch? Then you’ll be satisfied by our today's news, because we are going to tell you about the new game updates.

Thus, The Last of Us patch (1.03) was released yesterday and includes numerous fixes in the multiplayer mode, such as a slight increase of the revive range, matchmaking update (we are talking about the more balanced selection of the players, by their levels and experience, for the teams), starting cameras adjusted so they show your character with greater frequency, more adjusted item cache locations, and fixes the bugs in the single player (in cutscene viewer).

Also, the developers have added a brand new multiplayer mode in The Last of Us patch. Now The Last of Us multiplayer has got a new game’s mode called Interrogation. Here two teams will have to find and open the enemy’s lockbox and steal the supplies inside. But in order to detect it, your team will need to interrogate 5 players on the other team (there are many variants how you can do it), and open the lockbox before your competitors do the same operation with the members of your team. The group, which will find and open the cache of the enemy, will win. And so you have a better idea how the new game’s mode will look like, we suggest you to watch the new video from the developers in which they are talking about the features of Interrogation:

But it's not all how we would like to please you today. For those who like all sorts of game pictures and screenshots, we’d like to offer to look at very bright The Last of Us arts made by young Swedish professional artist Thomas Wievegg, which has created a series of illustrations for this game. So watch these amazing The Last of Us arts, on which you can see the protagonists and some infected creatures, and write what you think about them in the comments below.