The Last of Us DLC and a short-length film

The Last of Us DLC and a short-length film by  4037 views

Good news for the fans of The Last of Us game. Yesterday during Reddit AMA, the game’s director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann shared new information about the project and its first add-on.

So, the developers of Naughty Dog company said they have been already working on the first The Last of Us DLC for a single player. Although they didn’t tell any specific information about the content of this add-on or its release date, but we do know that the characters of this DLC will be Joel and Ellie. The developers have promised to report more news about the first The Last of Us DLC for a single player (and maybe already for a multiplayer) at the end of the month, so we should wait a little.

In addition, responding to a question about the film based on the game’s story, The Last of Us directors said it's just a rumor, but we want to show you one such project. So, a few days ago, The Last of Us film appeared in the network. It was made and published by one of the game’s fans (known in Youtube as IRON HORSE CINEMA PRODUCTIONS). As we got to know, this short-length film was shot by a team, who inspired by the positive feedback from the game players, want not only to make another short-length film, but a full-fledged movie based on the fate of Ellie and Joel. But to materialise this idea they need to have a lot of money, that’s why they are going to raise $10.000 on Indiegogo website. So if you enjoy The Last of Us film, which is presented below, and you want to participate in creating a full-fledged film based on the game’s story (as an investor, of course), then you have this opportunity.

For those who have suddently forgotten, we want to remind that The Last of Us game has recently been released and it is available only for PS3.