The last Battlefield 3 DLC End Game detailed

The last Battlefield 3 DLC End Game detailed by  4479 views
Farewell to a good old Battlefield 3 ... According to our info the End Game DLC will put the final point in the game’s development. All future production will focus on Battlefield 4, the announcement of which you can read in another article.

The developers tried to fame and produced a huge package of innovations, as well as some back - what are your favorite player modes.
New motocross bike will fly faster than the stealth fighter, and turn as if it is not the iron horse and a metal snake. Already available vehicles will get rocket turrets and landing aircraft will drop BMP in the Conquer mode.

Another new feature will be similar to the Battlefield 1943’s Air Combat , the essence of which you'll be able to tell from the video below. And, importantly, the mode Capture the Flag will be back in a new and modern form, though the his return will be a big event.

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