Battlefield Hardline news: single-player mode and early play in EA Access

Battlefield Hardline news: single-player mode and early play in EA Access by  3966 views

The release of the anticipated shooter from EA and Visceral Game is just around the corner, so the various latest Battlefield Hardline news have been spreading online with a top speed. As you already know, the upcoming project will include both multiplayer and single-player campaigns. But the last one was like a shut book for the players until the recent time. But the other day, the creative director of the future game - Ian Milham - told about some features of the Battlefield Hardline single-player mode.

So, according to Milham, the Battlefield Hardline single-player mode will consist of ten episodes. Some of them will require about an hour to be completed and the other ones - even more. It’s quite possible that in future this campaign will get the additional episodes, which will be released as DLCs. Milham has noted that the Battlefield Hardline single-player mode was developed under the influence of the Elmore Leonard’s criminal novels as well as such works of Michael Mann as Heat and Miami Vice. That’s why it will be very atmospheric. The other key features are the following:

  • the campaign will contain the references to the previous instalments in the Battlefield series;
  • the weapons from the single-player campaign won’t be available in the multiplayer;
  • the gamers will play as one character, but will be able to appraise the conflict from both sides.

However, this is not all the Battlefield Hardline news that we’d like to share with you today. It has been reported that the EA Access subscribers can start playing the new shooter earlier that the rest. Thus, the owners of EA Access accounts will be able to play Battlefield Hardline five days before the project’s official launch. The total time of gameplay will take up to 10 hours, which is 6 hours more than it’s offered usually. All earned points and experience will be transferred to the shooter’s full version once it’s released.

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