EA has revealed the details of Battlefield Hardline Premium program

EA has revealed the details of Battlefield Hardline Premium program by  4230 views

Yesterday, EA and Visceral Games studios announced the exclusive Battlefield Hardline Premium program and told which content will be available for its members in details. The subscription will cost $50 for a year. If compare this price with all advantages and features, which the players will be able to use, then it can be said that it’s not very expensive. So what will the Battlefield Hardline Premium program offer?

First of all, the members of this subscription will get access to all the upcoming Battlefield Hardline add-ons two weeks earlier than the rest. The DLCs will contain the new maps, vehicles, items, etc. The release dates of the planned expansions are the following:

  • summer 2015 - Criminal Activity (the players have to earn recognition and fame by participating in numerous crimes on the dynamic map) and Robbery (the leader of the opponents must be liquidated as well as the gamers need to check on all key positions of the locations);
  • autumn 2015 - Getaway. The player will take part in the high-speed races with chasings and robberies;
  • early winter 2016 - Betrayal. The walkthrough of this DLC will be quite hard, because the gamers won’t know who’s their ally or enemy.

Nextly, the Battlefield Hardline Premium program will offer its members the unique features and items for the thrilling gameplay:

  • Legendary Status. It provides the shooter’s progression system with replayability;
  • Gun Bench, which helps modify the weapons and monitor the amount of kills by each unit;
  • Masks give the unique advantages in the missions;
  • Competitive Play. This function supports the competitive mode in the tournaments and leaderboards.

But this is not all content, which is included into the Battlefield Hardline Premium program. In addition to the listed above features, the players will get 12 Gold Battlepacks, access to the unique in-game events, the priority positions in the server queues and the new personalization abilities (exclusive weapon skins and equipment, etc).

So, what do you think about the content of the Battlefield Hardline Premium program? Is it worth buying?