The information from the closed Battlefield 4 presentation

The information from the closed Battlefield 4 presentation by  9080 views
In Electronic Arts, Fifa and Battlefield considered to be major franchises and they have got more attention after Medal of Honor series was closed, and the Fuse postponed for s. d. Yesterday, the head of GameStop, Paul Raines, wrote in his Twitter the following message:

"Today I was able to not only see, but also to try the new Battlefield 4, which is so long spoken by EA. This is just WOW! I would like to say more, but, alas, we will have to wait for the official announcement"


Although the company did not name any time frame it is known that those who in the fall 2012 "... made a pre-order for Medal of Honor: Warfighter will have access to the Battlefield 4 closed beta test  ....", which is planned to start at the end of the third Q3 2013. As you know Electronic Arts likes to release their shooters and DLCs during the winter holidays, which coincides with the Playstation 4 release dates .

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