The GTA V pre-order bonuses are announced

The GTA V pre-order bonuses are announced by  4554 views

The delay of a highly-anticipated game is always an unpleasant event for the gamers. In light of the recent news, Rockstar studio has announced some cool bonuses, which the players can get by making the pre-order of GTA V on PC. So what do the developers prepare for the fans?

According to the information, which was revealed on the company’s official site yesterday, if the gamers pre-order GTA V on PC (either its digital or physical copy) in the Rockstar Warehouse shop, they will get two bonuses. First of all, it’s $1.000.000 of in-game currency, which can be spent in such proportions: $500.000 in GTA V and $500.000 in GTA Online. Secondly, those, who will manage to pre-order GTA V on PC before February 1st, will earn the additional $300.000 for the online multiplayer mode and the right to choose any project from the following list absolutely for free:

  • Max Payne 2;
  • Max Payne 3;
  • L.A. Noir;
  • Midnight Club II;
  • Manhunt;
  • Grand Theft Auto 3;
  • Grand Theft Auto 4;
  • GTA : Episodes from Liberty City;
  • GTA : San Andreas;
  • GTA : Vice City;
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Besides the Rockstar official shop, the version of GTA V on PC can be pre-ordered on Steam and other retailers - Amazon, GameStop, etc. However, any additional gifts for buying this action-adventure in the mentioned stores won’t be provided.

So, are you going to pre-order GTA V on PC?