The first Titanfall DLC has got some new details

The first Titanfall DLC has got some new details by  3227 views

As you remember, last week we shared the information that Respawn Entertainment announced the first Titanfall DLC, titled Expedition, which will include three new locations. And today we are ready to tell you some fresh news about one of them.

So, yesterday at the official project’s site the fresh Titanfall DLC screenshots, on which the War Games map is depicted, appeared. Besides that, one of the shooter’s designer - Jason McCord - revealed some details about it.

The War Games map is a scaled base with the numerous spots for parkour and wall running. It is used for the pilots’ trainings. The Titanfall DLC screenshots show that this location is divided in three zones: Angel City, Rise and Airbase Sierra.


According to McCord, the IMC team will start its game from the Airbase section, while The Militia will begin from Angel City. As for the Rise zone, the players will need to try hard in order to pass this area. It consists of the narrow corridors and passages, so in case of the Titans’ attack, their opponents will have nowhere to run and hide.

The War Games map also includes the fields, painted in different colours, and the arrows, which specify the direction. The designers have made such a decision to help the players with the orientation on the huge territory.


The developers haven’t also forgotten about the Titans. Specially for the Last Titan Standing mode they have created the area, which looks like the paintball field, where the users can easily spy on the enemies.


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