The Evil Within release date has been postponed for autumn

The Evil Within release date has been postponed for autumn by  2703 views

Bethesda company has announced not very pleasant news for those, who eagerly anticipate the release of the upcoming survival horror. According to the studio’s representatives, The Evil Within release date has been rescheduled for October 21st in North America and October 24th in Europe, though originally it was set for summer. Thus, the developers have decided to postpone the launch of the game in order not only to polish all the details, but also to time this event to Halloween. After all, the game genre matches this holiday perfectly.

So, in order the players may not get disappointed because of the project’s delay, Tango Gameworks company has pleased them with a gift, which the gamers will get for The Evil Within pre-order. The bonus includes the Fighting Chance Pack. It consists of:

- the additional medical kit with a special Green Gel for the main character - Sebastian. This substance will improve his skills;

- the double-barreled shotgun;

- two extra bolts: a poison one (it throws the enemies back and emits some toxic fumes) and an incendiary bolt (it damages the foes with some flame sparks).


Besides the bonus for The Evil Within pre-order, the developers have also shared the latest images of their project. The new The Evil Within screenshots present us the scary world of the walking dead:


According to these pictures, the upcoming survival horror seems to be a very promising game, doesn’t it?

On The Evil Within screenshots we also may see the main Sebastian’s enemies - the horrible zombies, - who try to vanish the detective. We must say that these characters look very picturesque.

And finally, we would like to share a short video, published by PlayStation, which demonstrates the reaction of the play testers during the game:

Are you upset about the delay of The Evil Within release date? Are you going to pre-order the game? Leave your answers in the comments below.