The Evil Within game has got new creepy artworks

The Evil Within game has got new creepy artworks by  4063 views

We didn’t tell anything new about the upcoming The Evil Within game - the project developed in the genre of survival horror by Tango Gameworks studio - for a long time. But today we will correct this situation by providing you with fresh colorful artworks.

New The Evil Within images, created by the artist Lu Cheng, show us many extremely eerie locations in which the main character of the project - the detective Sebastian Castellanos - will have to go in order to uncover the mystery of his stay in a strange world, get rid of his fears and finally get out of there. Besides the dark places, depicted in the concept arts, we see a lot of terrible creatures, the appearence of which makes our blood turns to ice and causes an irresistible wish to run away. But the protagonist has no choice in this situation, so he just has to meet most of these monsters, to defeat his deep fears and leave this alternate reality. We can describe these artworks for a long time, but the best way to feel and understand the atmosphere of the game is to watch and evaluate fresh The Evil Within images, presented below (all pictures are available in our FB community):


The Evil Within game, whose release date is scheduled for the first half of this year, is being developed for PC and consoles of current and next generations.