The details of the next DRIVECLUB update are revealed

The details of the next DRIVECLUB update are revealed by  2348 views

As you remember, on Tuesday, we shared a trailer and some brief information about the Lamborghini Expansion Pack, which will be included into the upcoming DRIVECLUB update. However, the presented DLC is just a part of the future patch. Besides it, this racing simulator will get some other new interesting content.

According to the official report, the next DRIVECLUB update will become available next week. In addition to four gorgeous Lamborghini sports cars, the players will get one more cool vehicle - Peugeot Onyx Concept, - which is shown on the image below:


Also, the forthcoming DRIVECLUB update will contain the Pace-Setting Tour Pack with 12 new tour events and rewards as well as the Replay option. The last one will let the gamers watch the recorded competitions in the appropriate section.

The other changes and improvements, which will be brought to the project by 1.2 patch, are following:

  • the amount of the earned scores in the various conditions (while staying on the track, etc.) will be increased in the Drift Mode;
  • the players who gained the 50th level will be able to unlock Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione;
  • an ability to use Ustream and Twitch in order to broadcast the tournaments will be added;
  • the visual effects will be improved and some minor bugs will be fixed.

The listed content of the next DRIVECLUB update is also presented in this trailer: