The details of the next CoD: Advanced Warfare DLC are revealed

The details of the next CoD: Advanced Warfare DLC are revealed by  2990 views

As Sledgehammer Games studio has reported recently, the third CoD: Advanced Warfare DLC will be launched already next week. It’s titled Supremacy. Firstly, its release will traditionally take place on Xbox 360 and Xbox One on June 2nd. A bit later (probably, in two weeks after that), this add-on will become available on other platforms.

The future CoD: Advanced Warfare DLC will bring to the game four multiplayer maps:

  • Skyrise. It’s a remake of the Highrise location from CoD: Modern Warfare 2 project. The players will go to Athens in Greece where they will have to take the main positions of the Atlas Skyscraper under control;
  • Kremlin. Well, it’s not difficult to guess that the presidential palace on the Red Square in the center of Moscow will become the main battlefield here;
  • Parliament. The players must liquidate the enemies in the dock, which is situated on the river Thames right in front of the British Parliament in London;
  • Compound. The training base of the future soldiers, which is located in Colorado, will become the battle arena on this map.

Besides, the upcoming CoD: Advanced Warfare DLC will contain a new mission in the Exo Zombies mode - Carrier. The players will find themselves on the Atlas aircraft carrier that is drifting in the open sea. The ship is occupied by the hordes of zombies, which the gamers will have to get rid of. Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) will join a team of Rose McGowan, Bill Paxton, John Malkovich and Jon Bernthal.

Of course, the developers haven’t forgotten to add the new types of weapons, traps and enemies.

The third CoD: Advanced Warfare DLC will be available for $14.99. In order to find out what to expect in the future expansion, we offer you to watch its trailer as well: