The Dark Souls 2 achievements list has appeared online

The Dark Souls 2 achievements list has appeared online by  2788 views

Recently, two month before the official release, the Dark Souls 2 achievements list has appeared online. Total amount of the achievements includes 38 items. They will help the players to get 1,000 additional scores.

However, the Dark Souls 2 achievements list won’t become a surprise, ‘cause the main criteria of getting them aren’t different from the original Dark Souls game’s conditions. In order to score the players must fight the bosses, light bonfires, reinforce the weapon, create and join new covenants, learn magic, etc. But some of new achievements are worth highlighting:

- “This is Dark Soul” - an achievement for dying the first time with a 10G reward. We wonder, will there be anyone who won’t manage to get this achievement?

- “The Heir” - 100G for the successful campaign’s ending.

- “Change of Clothes” - 30G for giving Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear.

Other high-score achievement, that will help players with getting more points, are: “Supreme Weapon” (50G) for reinforcing the weapon to its maximum level, “Selfless Giver” (50G) for devotion to covenant, and also “The Dark Soul” (50G) - the player gets it when earns all 37 other achievements from the list.

The Dark Souls 2 game is to be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2014. The PC version will appear a little bit later. As for Wii U and PlayStation Vita, From Software company has announced that they have no plans of the Dark Souls 2 game’s edition for these consoles in the nearest future.


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