The Battlefield 4 Premium Edition has been announced

The Battlefield 4 Premium Edition has been announced by  2751 views

Electronic Arts is working on a new collection for the fans of the popular shooter series - Battlefield. The Battlefield 4 Premium Edition will include a copy of the game, various advantages and some exclusive content.

As it has been revealed in the official sources, the developers have planned the edition’s release on October 21st. By the way, previously the launch of the next part in the series - Battlefield Hardline - was scheduled for this date. As you remember, later, Electronic Arts has postponed the release of the new project for 2015.

The collection, priced at $60, will be available on PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. As for the Xbox 360 owners, they won’t be able to appraise this bundle unfortunately. "Battlefield 4 Premium Edition will not be coming to the Xbox 360 due to technical limitations", - the studio’s representatives have stated.

Besides the mentioned above copy of the game, including both a single player campaign and a multiplayer, the Battlefield 4 Premium Edition will contain five add-ons - Dragon’s Teeth, Naval Strike, China Rising, Second Assault and upcoming Final Stand - and twelve bonus Gold Battlepacks. Besides, the owners of this collection will receive the priority positions in the server queues and the exclusive personalization items - dog tags, emblems, etc.

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