Tactical Intervention game will be released in August

Tactical Intervention game will be released in August by  5712 views

Tactical Intervention game is a project that follows the steps of famous Counter-Strike. This shooter has been under development for many years, but finally in August it will appear as a free-to-play game on Steam.

The comparison of Counter-Strike and Tactical Intervention is not accidental, because these games even have the same co-creator. Both projects are multiplayer shooters based on terrorists vs. counter-terrorists battles and both require strategic teamwork and fast actions. Also Tactical Intervention game will have dozens of special weapons and will include cars and helicopters.


Besides, the developers are proud of the Tactical Intervention game's locations, which will be extremely realistic. On the maps you will meet skyscrapers, shopping centers, beautiful parks and subway station. Also here you will be able to attack enemies using dogs (this year's obvious trend, ha).

Tactical Intervention game will be released very soon - in August. And while you are waiting, you can look at the first game's screenshots to understand how it will look like: