Some details of the new map in the first Titanfall DLC have appeared

Some details of the new map in the first Titanfall DLC have appeared by  2143 views

In one of our previous news about this project, we revealed the details of War Games map, which will be included to the first add-on, titled Expedition. Today we would like to share some fresh information about another location of the upcoming DLC - Runoff - and also show you the new Titanfall screenshots.

According to the official information from the shooter’s blog, at first the Runoff map was supposed to be included to the original game, but due to the lack of time the developers decided to wait and cut it from the main campaign. According to the designer from Respawn Entertainment - Geoff Smith, - as soon as the studio began to talk about the first Titanfall DLC, he remembered this unfinished map.

The Runoff map consists of three buildings, connected by various passages. The main conception of the location is the multilayer of the paths. “Runoff was an experiment to try and make a small map but still allow Titans enough pathing options so that they don’t feel constrained or limited”, - Smith has told.

The new Titanfall screenshots show that between the buildings the deep concrete canals, which are filled with litter and dirty water, are constructed. The Pilots can jump across them without any problems or use these canals as a cover. But if the Titans fall down, they will have to go back to the start.


Geoff Smith has also noted that the Runoff map will bring more diversity and fun to the shooter, because during the each game mode it provides the players totally different options and abilities.

Let us remind you that the first Titanfall DLC is to be released this month.

So, did you like the new Titanfall screenshots? Do you think the Runoff map will be hard to complete?