Sims 3 will obtain a few DLC's in the near future

Sims 3 will obtain a few DLC's in the near future by  10967 views
A few days ago Maxis studio announced a new content-ons series for its brainchild - The Sims 3. The company plans to release several free and paid add-ons in the next six months.

To start with, those who have installed original The Sims 3 and the Supernatural addition will be able to download an update that allows to control the Environmental Issues for free. Depending on the race or Sim membership, the players will be able to cause certain weather events with help of the Weather Stone, at any time and in any place, except for World Adventures pack locations.


Witches can summon rain, which will cause bouts of insanity, anyone who contact for a single drop. Vampires will overshadow the sun with fog or dense clouds. All the gardens in the city will bloom again, and the weeds disappear as never was, and the rainbow cover the city, thanks to fairies. The werewolves will be hunting better with their new ability - to cause snowstorm. Also everybody will be able to find special items when it shows.

Next Sims 3 DLC - Monte Villa  we should expect tentatively in November, and The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff, which will expand the wardrobe and styles of houses sims, complete the collection in January.