Rome 2: Total War third power - Macedonians

Rome 2: Total War third power - Macedonians by  5939 views
Sega released information about another superpower of that times, although it’s territory is not very great, but the memory of their phalanxes and tactics is still alive. According to the Rome 2: Total War official site, they are:

"The great leaders and fearless warriors, the Macedonian sons and followers of the glorious Alexander the Great. The Empire ... glory that was ... system that is not paid off ... There will be a lot of small towns and provinces on the map that are willing to make an alliance with you as well as with your most powerful foes. In order to create an alliance you will have to apply not only diplomacy and bribery, but also more classic intimidation and pressure from the position of the power"

The last and the exact release date Rome 2: Total War - October 2013, although the company has not officially confirmed the exact date.