Rockstar has verified the new GTA Online jobs

Rockstar has verified the new GTA Online jobs by  4822 views

Despite the heavy workload related to the approaching launch of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, Rockstar continues to please its fans with some new content. Thus, yesterday, several new GTA Online jobs, which are created by the players, were verified by the developers. Overall, there are ten of them, five of which - only for the Last Team Standing mode. Up to 16 gamers can participate in each mission.

So, here are the verified GTA Online jobs for the above mentioned mode:

Lumberjack. At start, each team has four Buzzard helicopters and Rhino tanks. The first ones can be used as a cover from the air while the ground team attacks the opponents. Or by using helicopters, the players can find a comfy spot somewhere on the highland and strike the enemies from there.

Stealth Required! This GTA Online job is set in the woods of Raton Canyon. The gamers have a choice either to get to the foe team closer or attack it from the long distance with special weapons. In the last case, the limited visibility through the trees makes the sniper’s work more difficult.


Close Quarters. In order to complete this task successfully, the players have to think and make decisions faster than their opponents. Besides, the well-coordinated team work is a key to the victory here. Only the allies can cover from all sides. Once everybody takes the position, one member will have to strike the enemy from the close distance.

Bowl Brawl. The next GTA Online job takes place in the leisure center - the Vinewood Bowl amphitheater. The gamers should move across this location sticking to the walls in order not to get caught in a crossfire.At first, both sides will have only the submachine guns. If the team requires the RPG, it has to sneak to the balcony of the theater. And the miniguns are on the center stage.

San Andreas Shootout. The robbers are hiding on the top of the parking and they are equipped with the rifles, RPGs and Molotov cocktails. The policemen are tearing along the Great Ocean Highway on the FIB Buffalo, Police Riot trucks and Buckingham Swift helicopters in order to intercept them. The concurrence and the right timing are the keys to victory in this task.


The other five GTA Online jobs are available in the rest modes of the project:

Rodeo Loop. It’s a thrilling high-speed race over Portola Drive on Rockford Hills. However, you should keep in mind that this competition is designed for a very experienced driver, because this track is full of twisted corners and unpleasant surprises.

Contend: Zombie Town. A small village has turned into a real death lair. There’s a circus situated in the middle of the town. It’s swarmed by the zombie clowns who are willing to kill and eat humans. Once they surround you, there will be no place to hide anymore. Only your team, who will provide a reliable cover, will help get away.


The Slipstream GP. This GTA Online job offers to dive into the atmosphere of Formula-1 and participate in the incredible race across the Los Santos downtown. This competition requires the high concentration and a lot of attention. You will face the twisted turns, the difficult hindrances, the sharp descents and ascents.

Border War. Grand Senora desert doesn’t have many places to hide, so be careful. Stay along with your team and always check the connection with each other. If you are a thrillseeker, then you should complete this GTA Online mission at night and in the pouring rain.

Bahama West Mama Mia! And the last verified task is another race. It’s set near the Bahama Mamas West nightclub, which is situated in the luxurious Del Perro resort. The narrow streets and the various lanes make this mission more tense and exciting.


Have you taken part in any of the presented GTA Online job yet?