Rockstar has presented several tips for the GTA Online contact missions

Rockstar has presented several tips for the GTA Online contact missions by  6210 views

Rockstar company has presented the fresh pleasant news for the fans of the popular action-adventure. This time the studio has published several tips for the GTA Online contact missions. And we are glad to share this information with you.

GTA Online contact missions are the indispensable part of the gameplay. They let the players built the teams and earn the in-game currency. So, Rockstar has picked up five the hardest and at the same time the most interesting tasks. We hope that you will like them too.

Here are the GTA Online contact missions:

1) Death From Above (the task is for 1-4 players and is available from the 23rd level).

You’ll have to work on the high-powered businessman - Martin Madrazo. He’s willing to get rid of his old companion, who witnesses against him. The main difficulties are that Madrazo needs the proofs of the successfully completed mission, and the victim resides at one of his houses, which is surrounded by the barricades with a huge amount of security. It means that the most effective way of attack is the capture from the helicopter. While one player vanishes the guards by the sniper rifle from the neighbor’s roof, two other teammates land on the necessary area with the parachutes and catch the Madrazo’s companion.


2) Out of Harmony (1-4 players take part in this task, which opens from the 50th level).

This GTA Online contact mission requires the quick reaction and the maximum readiness. One of the Ron Jakowski’s allies tries to transfer a big set of weapons through the Mexican border. The gamers will have to highjack the track with the cargo, which is under the supervision of The Lost biker club, and deliver it to the Catfish View shipyard.

The members of the mission are better to get into the groups of two players, so that the security isn’t able to pay attention to them, and clean the way for the trailer. When you manage to break through the foes, you’ll be hunted by two bikers. And now, the gamers will have to possess their motorcycles in order to provide the reliable escort for the weapons.

But it’s not the end of this GTA Online contact mission. On your way to the target point, you’ll be attacked by the soldiers, so be on the alert.


3) Base Invaders (requires 1-4 players. The task is available from the 27th level).

The bosses of the Trevor Phillips Industries want to get the helicopter, titled Cargobob. In order to do that, you’ll need to highjack one from the military base - Fort Zancudo. You’ll reach this area by the plane, which the businessmen will kindly lend.

So, you must enter the hangar, passing by the guards and various patrols (and it will be quite hard), start the Cargobob and get out of the crime scene immediately. Perhaps, the other teammates will be able to take a couple of the fighter jets, so that the soldiers won’t be able to chase you. And once you escape the Fort Zancudo, head to the Sandy Shores airfield.


4) High Priority Case (unlocks from the 25th level and requires 1-4 players).

The next GTA Online contact mission includes the task from the Michael De Santa’s old ally and the professional criminal - Lester Crest. At any cost, he needs to possess the important documents that will be given to other people in the building of the Mile High Club. And you will be the one, who will get this valuable papers for Lester.

The players will need the helicopter and good sniper skills to complete this task successfully.


5) Factory Closure (is available from the 18th level. Requires the team of 3-4 gamers).

And finally, the last presented GTA Online contact mission is under the slogan: “Be a patriot. Buy American, steal foreign”. The players have to highjack several elite motorcycles from the Maibatsu factory. The members of the team need to take the roles of a transporter, a sniper and a lookout. To complete the mission, you must deliver the bikes to the point of destination, providing the reliable convoy for the cargo during all the way, in case the enemies are going to block you.


Do you like the tips for the GTA Online contact missions? In which one of them would you like to participate?

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