Rockstar has launched new GTA Online jobs

Rockstar has launched new GTA Online jobs by  6404 views

On the official site, Rockstar studio has presented the latest GTA Online jobs, which also include several tasks for the recent update titled The San Andreas Flight School. The developers have chosen several among them and have created a special list. If the players complete it successfully, they will get a special bonus - the exclusive parachute pack. So, which GTA Online missions have the gamers pass in order to receive this prize?

1. Effin Lazers contact mission. It requires 2 participants and is available from the 44 level. This task is from Martin the businessman. He’s very angry because of the competitors at the market who trade the second-rate product. Using the jet fighter, the players must destroy the cargo airplanes before they land.


2. Chop Chop contact mission. It’s available from 43 level and requires 2-4 participants. By the Trevor’s order, the players have to get rid of the private enterprise - Merryweather. They must get into the Sandy Shores airfield and hack the company’s inner network in order to find out where the security outposts are situated. And then, the gamers have to steal the helicopters and blow up the base.

Besides two contact missions mentioned above, there are new GTA Online jobs, which include the races, the parachute jumps and the captures. Read the following to learn more about them:

  • Airstrip - 11 level, 1-8 gamers. On the territory of the McKenzie airfield, you’ll have to train your skills of the plane’s landing, descending from the 4300 ft height;
  • GTA: Wingmen - 1 level, 2-8 gamers. Your team must deliver the Buckingham plane to the Los Santos airport. However, in order to overcome your opponents, you need to use the Lazer jet fighters. The race starts in Fort Zancudo and Sandy Shores airfield;
  • Branching Out - 20 level, 1-8 participants. Take part in the lap race for choppers, which is being held near Mount Chilliad and Raton Canyon. Despite the intense atmosphere, you’ll have a great opportunity to see what San Andreas is rich in: the sea, the mountain peaks, the parks, the tourists, the secret weed farms, etc.;
  • Flying Colors - 12 level, 1-8 players. The next GTA Online job is another lap race, but this time for the planes. The battle for the first place will be set over the agricultural lands of Blaine County;
  • In The Loop - 35 level, 1-8 gamers. Now, a jet is at your disposal. The race will be very difficult with various blocks on the way. The air route will spread over the sea shores and the downtown;
  • High Dive - 1 level, 1-8 participants. This GTA Online mission will let you practice your air tricks. In this race, you have not only to come first, but also demonstrate your nosedive on a business center;
  • Under the Bridge - 11 level, 1-8 players. And the last GTA Online job involves the parachute jump from the 4000 ft. height. But everything is not so easy as it may seem from the first sight. Besides the jump, you need to fly under the bridge. It will be more safe to do the task at night, when you can see the signal lights of the dangerous spots.

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