Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps - release delayed

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New details on how Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps players will be able to customize weapons, armor, and character emotes has been provided.


  • POINTS: you can earn points by defeating rival mercenary teams and zombies on the battlefield.

  • Those points are used to unlock new options for your gear (such as the mask, helmet, shoulder armor, body armor, and parts for the Zombie Jammer.)

  • Different designs can be swapped out and armor can be decked out using B.S.A.A. patches, Umbrella logos, and the Spencer Family crest.

  • You will also be able to unlock new weapons: one of them is a shotgun called “the Doberman Pincer” which works well against attempted Brainer melee assassinations, according to Capcom.

  • Each weapon can have a scope added to boost accuracy and suppressors can also be used.

  • Emotes will use a customization system called Interconnected Communications Operations Network (I.C.O.N.). These interchangeable I.C.O.N. emotes allow the player to use sounds and gestures to communicate with other players. Some emotes are celebratory such as “Woo-hoo” and there are also animal noises.

>>> The new trailer for Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. <<<

Capcom has delayed Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps from May into June, as the company announced a few days ago. The newly announced release date is June 21. Apparently, developers have more time to fix all the bugs. The game arrives on PC and PlayStation 4.

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