Resident Evil: Revelations for PC is coming

Resident Evil: Revelations for PC is coming by  6335 views

We are sure, that everyone has heard about Resident Evil: Revelations game, that was released for Nintendo in 2012. This project returned the Resident Evil series to its origins with great part of survival horror, perfect atmosphere and correct and interesting action. But PC-gamers as well as console-users had to just watch and drool over. But no more waiting, soon everyone will be able to get Resident Evil: Revelations game for only $49.99.


Resident Evil: Revelations game for PC is scheduled for the 21st of May, 2013. In new version we will get not only the original Revelations plot and atmosphere, but also additional enemies, weapons, difficulty level and maps for cooperative Raid Mode. The graphics of the game is also going to be improved.

We'd like to remind you, that the main characters of Resident Evil: Revelations game are Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. The game's setting is Queen Zenobia ship and bioterrorism again will be the start point of the plot.


Resident Evil: Revelations trailer was revealed today. Enjoy the video and visit our Facebook community, where you can take part in new Mountspace contest.