Resident Evil 6 is in development (Movie)

Resident Evil 6 is in development (Movie) by  3742 views

The irreplaceable director of the popular film franchise - Paul Anderson - has officially announced the Resident Evil 6 movie and also has revealed some details of the upcoming project.

As in the previous adaptations, the main role in the future Anderson’s creation will be allotted to the famous actress - Milla Jovovich. It seems like she is in her element when screening in the horror films about zombies. However, besides Milla’s character, the sixth part of the series will get several more heroes, which are familiar to the fans of this horror series. For example, the audience will see Ada Wong, performed by Bingbing Li. For the current moment the information about the other characters of the motion picture is kept in a secret.

The Resident Evil 6 movie will tell the story of Alice and the Red Queen, who wants to vanish the human race. The protagonist together with her team will try to destroy this evil plan and the Hive before the irreparable damage is caused.

Paul Anderson has also stated that the Resident Evil 6 movie will be screened in 3D.

As for the launch date of the future project, then, according to the unconfirmed information, the film will appear only in 2015. And it’s quite predictable, because only the work under the script has just started recently.

Let us remind you that last year the release of the next part in the series was planned for September 2014 by Sony/Screen Gems company.

Do you think the Resident Evil 6 movie will be better than the previous ones or not? Will its creators manage to surprise the audience?