Rainbow Six Patriots release is postponed again

Rainbow Six Patriots release is postponed again by  3429 views

If you follow the fate of Tom Clancy's game series, then you know that the development of Rainbow Six Patriots began in 2011, and the game was scheduled to be launched at the beginning of this year, but, as you can see, this has not happened.

Ubisoft - the game’s developer and publisher, which kept silent about the fate of this shooter so long, - finally has told what happened with the project and why it was’t released in 2013. Thus, CEO of Ubisoft North America, Laurent Detoc, said in an interview with IGN that the creators of Rainbow Six Patriots had a good idea for the game, they were working on it, but at some point something went wrong. And since Ubisoft, like many companies, has a qualified editorial group, the latter one has noticed it and has immediately reacted. As a result, firstly the game’s development was frozen and then the team decided to start creating a project from nothing, but for the next-gen consoles - PS4 and Xbox One. And since the latter ones give more technical capabilities, we can hope that the shooter will be much better, and it can radically differ from the one demonstrated in 2011. Besides it Detoc doesn’t exclude the possibility that the game will change the name.

As for the alleged Rainbow Six Patriots release date, so far there is no information about it.

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