Quantum Break gameplay trailer is presented

Quantum Break gameplay trailer is presented by  2061 views

If you follow the events in the gaming world, then you know that last weekend VGX - the annual award show that recognizes the best video games of the year in different nominations - was held, and many projects’ developers, creating the games in the different genres, were visiting it. And, of course, they showed what they managed to create at the moment.

Thus, Remedy Entertainment company - the developer of Quantum Break - has finally presented fresh project’s gameplay video, which is commented by the company's creative director - Sam Lake. According to Sam, Quantum Break is a revolutionary game that combines elements of cinematic action (as a game genre) and episodes of the series. The action here, if you remember, is based on the rupture of time and the ability to manage the latter one, which became possible after a failed experiment with time. So, 3 game’s protagonists have a certain number of abilities, which they will use in order to defeat the corporation "Monarch" - a place, where evil forces are concentrated in the game.

According to the creative director of Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break game is its best game, which combines the elements of such projects as Max Payne and Alan Wake. Therefore, we think that this game should be pretty interesting. But in order you are able to imagine what awaits you in this action shooter, we suggest you to watch new Quantum Break gameplay trailer, published below.

Quantum Break, the release date of which is unknown yet, is being developed exclusively for Xbox One.

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