No Man’s Sky: trading ships!

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Hey there. The date of No Man’s Sky release is approaching, we’re super excited, and we hope you are too. In our preview, we discussed the game in general, and here we’d like to discuss more news and special features. Let’s do it!


First of all, the pre-order thing

We want to propose two packs for you: the standart and the limited ones. The game release is planned for 22nd June this year.

Come fly with me

The online retailer iam8bit offers an “Explorer’s Edition”, that includes both game and a ship (and some cool stuff as well). Only 10,000 will be made. It comes with a digital copy of the game, a pin, and a mystery item worth $10 to be revealed at launch. Basically, there’s a ship that is worth bying, that’s all. We’re all children, no matter how old we are :). Here are the links for Europe and the US.


System requirements

We’ve got the information only about the minimum requirements, don’t forget to check the GameSpace page to see if we’ve found the recommended ones.

CPU: Intel Core i3

Video Card: nVidia GTX 480

OS: Windows 7


Free Disk Space: 10 GB


Gameplay! Yay!

Recently PlayStation Access presented a new interview+gameplay video of No Man’s Sky, and we’d like to share this moment with you. The game is extremely beautiful! It’s stunning. Every planet is sort of a masterpiece. You’ll enjoy it.

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