Next Assassin’s Creed Unity update is in works

Next Assassin’s Creed Unity update is in works by  2950 views

Only a few hours ago, we told you about the first GTA 5 update on the next-gen consoles, and already now hasten to share the freshest information about the second patch of AC Unity game.

Let us remind you that Assassin’s Creed Unity game was launched two days ago in NA and today - on the 13th of November - in Europe. At project’s launch, Ubisoft released the first patch, which fixed lots of issues, and already today it has told about the content of the second Assassin’s Creed Unity update.

Thus, according to the information on the game series’ official site, the second Assassin’s Creed Unity update will fix many problems and bugs, among which there is:

1) the delay in reaching the main menu screen at game’s start;

2) the game’s crashing when joining a co-op session;

3) the protagonist’s sticking inside of the hay carts;

4) Arno’s falling through the ground.

The exact release date of this patch hasn’t been announced, but the developers have promised to launch it as soon as possible.


Besides, the employees of Ubisoft have told that they continue to gather the data about the most frequent problems, among which you may encounter the frame rate and graphical issues, the bugs in the matchmaking in the co-op mode, the Helix Credits issues and many others. Also, they ask to send them the feedbacks about all noticed errors and bugs in order the latter ones to be fixed.

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