Ubisoft told about the first AC Syndicate DLC

Ubisoft told about the first AC Syndicate DLC by  4527 views

UPD.: Ubisoft has revealed the release date of AC Syndicate on PC. The computer version of the project will be launched a bit later than the console ones - on November 19th.
As you remember, along with the announcement of the next instalment in the Assassin’s Creed action-adventure series, Ubisoft also revealed the bonus for pre-order of the future project. So, those players who purchase the new game before its official launch will get the AC Syndicate DLC titled The Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy. Yesterday, the developers of the new part in the franchise have presented the add-on’s debut trailer as well as revealed some details about it.

As it’s reported, the first AC Syndicate DLC will contain some exclusive missions and tasks featuring a famous scientist - Charles Darwin - and a legendary writer - Charles Dickens. The characters will be non-playable, however, they will need help from the twins - jacob and Evie Frye. According to the published trailer, in one of the missions, the players will have to save London from the dangerous toxic pollution.

This AC Syndicate DLC will also be available as a separate purchase, but only after the project is released.

In addition, Ubisoft has shared another video that tells about the debut instalment in the popular franchise. Overall, the studio is planning to publish several reels about the history of the series.