Ubisoft will open a theme park

Ubisoft will open a theme park by  3056 views

It seems that Ubisoft studio is planning to expand their activity on some other spheres, besides video game industry. As the company’s representatives have reported recently, for the current moment, they’re working on the conception and plan of a special theme park. According to its creators, this place will become a truly revolutionary next-generation project.

The theme park from Ubisoft is planned to be built by 2020 in the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur. It’s area, which will be about 10.000 square meters, will feature lots of various rides and attractions as well as special places for the shows. Assassin’s Creed, Rabbids and Just Dance and several other games will be the main topics of the future theme park from Ubisoft.

According to the company’s senior vice president - Jean de Rivières, - this park from Ubisoft will immerse its attendees into the real atmosphere of the projects listed above. Each visit will be like a thrilling game session.

The complex is being created along with a Malaysian company titled RGS, which already has some great experience in building such projects.