New trailer and screenshots of the Dark Souls 2 game have been presented

New trailer and screenshots of the Dark Souls 2 game have been presented by  5007 views

Form Software company has revealed several new screenshots and a 9-minute video of the upcoming role-playing action.

The Dark Souls 2 trailer demonstrates a short episode of the gameplay, where the main character fights against different monsters. Apparently, the users won’t have any second to relax, because the game is going to be intense from its start to finish.

Besides the battles, in the end of the Dark Souls 2 trailer we also can see the scene with our hero and Mild-mannered Pete - a hunter for treasures of Terence. According to developers, Pete can teach the players some of his tricks that will help them to survive while taking the quest. The only question is...will the users be able to trust this mysterious man?

It’s worth saying, the hunter will speak the voice of a british actor and comedian - Peter Serafinowicz, - famous for his role in the Shaun of the Dead movie. As it turned out, Peter is a big fan of the video games. He has also stated that Dark Souls 2 is one of the best role-playing actions he has ever seen.

The Dark Souls 2 game will appear on PS3 and Xbox 360 very soon - in March 2014, and later there will be launched the PC version. And while waiting for the release, we offer you to look at the screenshots and watch the Dark Souls 2 trailer with us.