New Titanfall screenshots, schemes and information about the modes have been leaked

New Titanfall screenshots, schemes and information about the modes have been leaked by  2819 views

One of the most anticipated shooters of the year is to be released very soon. Let us remind you that Titanfall game’s release for PC and Xbox One is planned on March 11th in North America and March 13th in Europe. However the true players are excited to learn more and more information about the upcoming game. Thus, a set of fresh Titanfall screenshots, where the users can see the maps and schemes of the locations, and some rumours concerning new modes have been recently leaked.

As you may know, the combat among two factions will be held on 15 different maps. Fresh Titanfall screenshots show us some of them:


On the Titanfall screenshots we can see some buildings, equipped with the special ropes, which will help the fighters to move faster across the territory.


Besides, the schemes of the game’s locations have been also leaked:


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Also some details concerning the novelties in the Titanfall game, which the developers prepare for us, became known. One of them will be the option of increasing the rank. The players will be offered to level up, losing all the progress. However they will earn XP at the accelerated rate of 110% and will return all the player cards.

Moreover, 5 Titanfall modes have been specified: Attrition, Capture the Flag, Last Titan Standing, Pilot Hunter and Hardpoint Domination. In the Pilot Hunter Mode the teams will have to vanish all the enemy’s pilots to gain the limit of the points. In case of killing the grunts or the spectres in this Titanfall mode, the users won’t get any scores, but it will decrease the time for the opponents to create their Titans.

For both factions - The IMC and The Militia - there will be available 9 matches in the main campaign of the Titanfall game. Five of them will be held in the Titanfall mode, titled Attrition, and four - in the Hardpoint mode.

For the current moment the developers haven’t officially confirmed or commented the information, mentioned above. So, let’s just wait for the upcoming release of the shooter and personally see if the rumours are true.

And what do you think about such novelties in the Titanfall game? We’ll be glad to see your opinion in the comments below.