New The Phantom Pain trailer

New The Phantom Pain trailer by  5180 views

The Phantom Pain game is a brand-new survival horror from Moby Dick Studio, that was firstly announced in December, 2012 on VGA event. It comes this or next year for Xbox360 and PlayStation 3. The protagonist of The Phantom Pain wakes up after long coma and can't remember anything from his past and about his trauma. But he feels awful pain and moves very slow. He's trying to understand, where he is, but this place suddenly turns into something gruesome.


In The Phantom Pain game our character experiences soldiers' invasion, he sees supernatural creatures in fire, and lot of people around him die. What is this place? What had happened to the protagonist? How can he escape? Let's watch the second The Phantom Pain trailer and wait for this fantastic game. By the way, lo of other gaming videos are on our YouTube channel and lot of interesting content in our Facebook community.