New The Order 1886 trailer has been published

New The Order 1886 trailer has been published by  2839 views

New The Order 1886 trailer has appeared online today. The third-person action-adventure is being developed by Ready At Dawn company.

The Order 1886 trailer presents to the audience a short gameplay episode, where the users can see different battles - both the melee fight and a combat with the retro-futuristic guns usage, - in which the main character takes part. You can also appraise some cinematographic effects and high-quality graphics that are promised to look thrilling on the next-gen console.

Besides, new The Order 1886 trailer gives players a chance to visit the alternative universe, where the action’s scene is set, and see London of the XIX century with its old streets, vintage buildings and airships, creators of which were inspired by the steampunk style.

The Order 1886 is going to be launched in autumn 2014. As it was told before, the action will include only a single-player campaign, and currently the developers have no plans to add a multiplayer to the game.

So, are you impressed by The Order 1886 trailer? What exactly did you like and dislike about it? We’ll be glad to hear your opinion in the comments below.