New The Order 1886 trailer has been presented

New The Order 1886 trailer has been presented by  3357 views

Ready at Dawn company has shared new The Order 1886 trailer. The action-adventure game is being under development exclusively for PS4.

Perhaps, some of the presented scenes, you have already seen in the last gameplay video, which we have shared with you not so long time ago. However, this time The Order 1886 trailer not only tells the story of three protagonists - experienced Galahad, young Lafayette and sir Percival, - but also shows the episodes of the battles, led on the ancient streets of London. Some fans of the action-adventure genre have already compared the upcoming game with the Uncharted project, and the combat scenes - with the fighting episodes from Gears of War.

In The Order 1886 trailer you may also see the great graphics and the gameplay, which more likely reminds a full-fledged movie. Let us remind you that Ready at Dawn specialists continually repeated that their main goal is creating a high-quality action with the colourful, thrilling cinematographic effects. And do you know what? We guess, they’ve managed to do it successfully.

So, we offer you to watch new The Order 1886 trailer together with us and share your impressions in the comments!