Has The Order: 1886 release date been postponed? (rumor)

Has The Order: 1886 release date been postponed? (rumor) by  2424 views

It seems that our first today’s news won’t rejoice those who eagerly anticipate the launch of The Order: 1886 game.

It looks like the launch of The Order: 1886 game, which was scheduled for this fall, won’t take place this year anymore. As shinobi602 Twitter user has informed, The Order: 1886 release date is planned for the beginning of the next year, or to be more exaсt, for February 2015.

As insider has explained, the reason of such publisher’s decision has been justified, because, as you know, lots of interesting and ambitious projects such as Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Batman: Arkham Knight and many other will be launched this autumn too. It means that it will be difficult for The Order: 1886 game - so far the first part in this series - to compete with such well-known franchise as Batman: Arkham for example. From this point of view, as it seems to us, Sony’s decision to postpone The Order: 1886 release date for a couple of months may have the positive sides both for the publisher and the gamers. And what do you think?

And now, in order to cheer you up after this sad news, we would like to show you some fresh The Order: 1886 screenshots, which have been recently published. Enjoy!


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